Confirmations #1: War Coming To Israel

I was looking for information on something else when YHWH guided me to this article, “Rabbi Receives Heavenly Message in the Cave of Elijah the Prophet“. In summary, Amram Vaknin received a message that war is coming to the land of Israel. This reminded me of a post with the same message called, “Right Claw on Egypt“. There is something very special when YHWH sends a message and then sends it again through another amongst the people; the message should be taken very seriously. Amram knows that the message he received was a heavenly decree and he knows what must be done to potentially change the outcome. Viewing from the big picture, this decree must happen and won’t be averted on a large scale. If Israel is the spiritual capital of the world, then it must set itself apart and depend exclusively on YHWH as provider and protector.


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