Right Claw on Egypt

If you have not heard, Russia intends to increase influence in Egypt as the U.S. military aid freeze leaves Egypt with a shortfall in funding (do a search for “Russian foothold in Egypt”). Is this the precursory seeds being sown in the future alliance between Magog and his bands from the near east and west spoken of in Ezekiel 38:5?

Ezekiel 38:5 (WEB)

“5 Persia, Cush, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet…..”

Persia is already aligned in the east, but Cush and Put are yet on board.

As the prophecy foretells that they will come on board in the future, this is a sign that we are but a few chapters away from the next volume of the series to start reading: “the beginning of the end”. America won’t be able to save Israel–when something happens in the future when Israel is blitzed from the north and both sides, it will be revealed if YHWH’s favor and protection is upon this nation.

If you have not read “The Holy Regathering”, I encourage you to read it–some prophecies spoken of in it must be fulfilled before the Gog-Magog prophecy can come to past as a sign of YHWH’s favor and might.

 I testify against you nation who calls itself Israel, within its borders, residing in the tents of Shem: YHWH is not with you. YHWH will send a sword against you and you will be delivered up into the hands of your enemies; no nation will save you.

If there are any wise among those living in Israel today, save yourself the feeling of angst and terror: a sword is coming, save yourself and/or your children. You can depart now with a semblance of dignity or you will leave by force bearing your shame that YHWH does not back you, for you as a nation have not honored him.

אני אעיד נגד האומה המכנה את עצמה, ישראל בגבולותיה, המתגוררים באוהלי שם: יהוה אינו אתכם. יהוה ישלח חרב נגדכם, ואתם תימסרו לידי אויביכם; שום אומה לא יציל אותכם.
אם ישנם חכמים ביניכם האלה החיים בישראל כיום, תצילו מעצמכם את תחושת החרדה ופחד: החרב באה, תצילו את עצמכם ו/או ילדיכם. תוכלו לצאת עכשיו עם מראית עין של כבוד או תצאו בכוח נושאים את הבושה שלכם כי יהוה לא תומך בכם, כי אתם כאומה לא כיבדתם אותו.

Egypt hails ‘new era’ of defense alliance with Russia
Egypt angry at US decision to freeze military aid


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