Dream: Extra-Ordinary Love

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there was a man who was moving from a unknown place back into his father’s ultra-wealthy estate. I could see the man’s brother and sister-in-law organize things being put on a large truck.
There was a sizable gathering at one of the mansions on the estate. The man went into this mansion and I could see the people move around in it. The man walked into a room where his father and mother were talking to others. The man’s girlfriend was there and his mother had nothing good to say about her to those she was having a conversation with. His girlfriend isn’t from a wealthy family, but what is remarkable about her is how she sees and openly speaks on the true nature of everyone in the room that she comes across with her boyfriend.
The couple left the gathering to look at other parts of the estate. The man showed his girlfriend a huge building that felt like a school. He said they took the quickest route instead of the scenic one because there wasn’t much time left in the day. This was the end of the dream.


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