A Watchman Warning

This is a message to those who know they are of the seed of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob only; no one else.

This is fair warning that an operation against the children of Israel is about to ramp up.

Those who have a relationship with YHWH should know that nothing happens unless YHWH orders or allows it to happen. What is coming is a test to draw away the renegades and those weak in faith.

Whom will you serve? YHWH or your own vain egos? Children of Israel, what will you be? A Hebrew like Abraham, Issac, and Jacob or a Christian? You that are the children of Israel and YHWH’s set-apart people cannot be both. It will soon be time to make your choice; choose wisely. Selah.

If YHWH puts it in your spirit to share this post, please do so.


5 responses to “A Watchman Warning”

  1. I am a son of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and a Christian. I do believe that there is persecution coming to the Jews. However, I believe that you can be both a Christian and a child of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. I would like to speak with you further to show you that you can be both. Whether or not you believe on Jesus Christ is up to you.

    If you would be willing to speak with me, please respond by email saying so. Remember, belief is something you must do for yourself, I cannot force you.

    • YHWH is the God of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. YHWH commanded his people not to serve any other gods (Exodus 20:3 / Exodus 34:14). YHWH said there is no other god but him (Isaiah 45:5).
      If your heart is true, seek YHWH and seek truth.

      • You are correct. Yahweh is the God of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. You are also correct that he tells us not to serve other gods. You again are correct that there is no other God but him. Again, I state that if you would hear me, I will show you that you can be a son of Israel and still believe that Jesus of Nazareth is God come in flesh. There have been many people come in the name of Christ and done the Jews terrible wrong, and it grieves the Lord that this is so. He speaks very fondly, and protectively, of the Jews and would see no hurt done them.

        Again, whether or not you believe is up to you. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!

      • You are serving other gods; JC is not YHWH. YHWH is not with you. I once had a dream that you tried to interpret. YHWH told me what the dream meant and it something different than what you said. It tells me that you are not connected with YHWH. What good are your words if you have no real connection to YHWH the Living God?

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