Dream: Shaking Things Up!

I had a dream recently. In this dream, it was like any other typical day or so it seemed. Unexpectedly, a huge earthquake occurred! People were scarred because the earthquake was happening in a place that is historically unfamiliar with earthquakes. Some people knew they had minutes to exit buildings that weren’t designed to be earthquake proof. It was shocking but not scary to me. Whole sides of buildings fell off and other buildings collapsed and fell to the ground like sand. This was the end of the dream.


One response to “Dream: Shaking Things Up!”

  1. What is happening is a political, social, and spiritual, upheaval. The earthquakes are labor pains. The sun clothed woman of Revelation 12 is about to give birth to her son. The woman is the Bride of Christ, also called Hannah. The child that will be born of her is a man child, and is the Shiloh of Genesis 49. To many, he is will be a devastator but to you he is not. The sides of the buildings falling off and falling to the ground like sand signify this.

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