Dream: Golden City

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I could see the earth from above but from a comfortable distance like holding a globe in your hands. All that I could see was the earth, the background was black like space. As the earth rotated to the right, I could see the landmasses but something was different.
None of the places I saw on earth were where I remembered; it looked like the earth’s axis had been shifted around 40 degrees. Some lands were lifted up, some were pulled down, and a few others were underwater. North America was pulled down and closer to the equator and the Shemitic lands were lifted up to the level North America was. The strange thing was that most of the Shemitic lands were covered in water except for this one city.
The Shemitic lands were visible despite being underwater, but one city could be clearly seen above water. It was like someone had plucked it up from the rest of the land and made it float above the water like an island. It was highlighted with a golden-colored spotlight.
I knew that this pertained to an important shift in the future. Although the source of the shift is spiritual, it will also have  a physical impact.
That was the end of the dream.


3 responses to “Dream: Golden City”

  1. I had a similar dream. But it was before and during the shift That I was above The Earth over the North Pole although at an angle To where I could see The rest of The globe as we were at a distance….I saw myself kind of floating in space and Yahshua was He who had Taken me There. He said Look and see! And I looked and as I watched I could see inside The Earth with great loads of lava sloshing To and fro from within. The Earth Trembled and shook so greatly and writhed, groaning it made me sick To where I wanted To vomit Though I wasn’t even on it’s surface. I remember how The shift had a much greater affect on The Southern hemisphere Than The Northern as The land mass ratio To water is much greater in The North. Though lands came up and went down just The same The shaking was much greater in The South.
    This has been some years ago. Thanks for your post…anything in Truth To help open eyes is appreciated. YB&KU!

  2. I asked YHWH about the dream and he led me to the 62nd chapter of Isaiah (WEB):
    1 For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace,
    and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest,
    until her righteousness shines out like the dawn,
    and her salvation like a burning lamp.
    2 The nations will see your righteousness,
    and all kings your glory,
    and you will be called by a new name,
    which YHWH‘s mouth will name.
    3 You will also be a crown of beauty in YHWH‘s hand,
    and a royal diadem in your God‘s hand.
    4 You will not be called Forsaken any more;
    nor will your land be called Desolate any more:
    but you will be called Hephzibah (“I delight in her”),
    and your land Beulah (“married”);
    for YHWH delights in you,
    and your land will be married.

  3. This is the interpretation of the dream. The United States of America will be pulled to center-stage in the world, even more so than it currently is, as will Jerusalem, which is the city.

    The Shemitic lands will still exist but will be overrun by the Islam (the children of the world.) This is the water running over the Shemitic lands.

    There will be a spiritual shift in the world. The United States of America will be exalted spiritually as they return to belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jerusalem will see an upsurge of Christianity in the near future.

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