Dream: Corporate Judges

I had a dream recently. I was working in an office, as a part of a team, of sorts in an underground “bunker”. One day while arriving at work, a stranger planted some items on me that weren’t allowed in the office. Somehow my immediate co-workers in the dream found these items and were shocked. Instead of listening to me to get a better understanding of the situation, they immediately stigmatized me as a criminal. Pretty soon the entire office received word of the incident and although there weren’t any inquires to find out what really happened and why, there were many glares of disapproval. As I left work for the day walking down the steps, I looked back and all of a sudden an immense rush of water appeared that began to rapidly flood the entire office. It didn’t seem like the people, my co-workers, that were in the office at the very back of this bunker survived.
Those at the front of the bunker rushed for the latters that lead above ground and successfully made it out of the bunker. I was the only one from my office that made it out alive.

This is one of those dreams that clearly illustrated a lesson that I reflected on when I awoke.
The norms of society today is that one should not judge another person at all on the means of their character or what they are about. When people actually judge or discern others today they draw perceptions based on superficial reasoning and will try to condemn you in the eyes of others not adept at discerning a person’s character for themselves.

This made me think of Leviticus 19:15 in how YHWH issued laws, statues, and commandments to the children of Israel in how they should conduct themselves between one another.

(WEB) Leviticus 19:15
15 “‘You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor show favoritism to the great; but you shall judge your neighbor in righteousness.”

Judging or discerning in righteousness requires diligently seeking the truth as well as reflecting and even asking YHWH for direction and clarity that what one is discerning is based on what is true and not on emotion. I understood that the lesson of the dream consisted of this; many people have the right to discern or judge others for truth of character, but only YHWH has the power to condemn.
Who the majority may favor or condemn may not be who YHWH favors or condemns, but walking in spirit and truth causes one to desire, know, and understand why YHWH favors or condemns those he wills is part of deeper understanding and spiritually being in accord with his judgments.
I know many people have felt like they have been condemned based on a presumptuous judgement at one time or another, but rest assured that if it doesn’t accurately represent who you are time will reveal it.


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