Dream: Aquarium Squatter

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there was a man in a house. He opened the front door and let a small crocodile in. It felt like the crocodile had been away for some time and finally returned home.

The crocodile went to a room where a glass aquarium was located and didn’t hesitate to climb in. Surprisingly, a purplish-blue insect with an exoskeleton had occupied the space while the crocodile was gone. The crocodile nudged the insect, suggesting it should leave the space.

The insect climbed out and followed the man to find a new place to live. I could see the insect-like creature scurry along quickly on its legs. A couple of its babies jumped off its back while following the man. This was the end of the dream.

A Time for Return

(WEB) Zechariah 1:3–Therefore tell them: Thus says YHWH of Hosts: ‘Return to me,’ says YHWH of Hosts, ‘and I will return to you,’ says YHWH of Hosts.

People say, “God bless Babylon.” Is she truly blessed if the majority of her people don’t prosper while the few greedy custodians hoard her wealth that was taken by guile and force? Things happen or are allowed to happen for a reason. Trouble doesn’t last always, but for those who are called, and possibly gone astray, it is an opportunity to reconnect with the Father, YHWH.

Ancient Israel would seek YHWH when their lives were in danger and serve idols in times of peace. No more. YHWH is seeking those of Israel and of the nations who will be faithful in both good and bad times. They are the ones who will preserve their lives and those of their descendents.

There won’t be many more opportunities before Divine Judgement is rendered upon the nations and chiefly upon Babylon.

Times of Discernment

(WEB) Daniel 12:10–Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

We are in times where discernment is increasingly important. There are many psy ops and actions in motion to consolidate power. Power is shifting away from Babylon, so she is trying to hold onto it like any tyrant would through such means as divide and conquer and emotional manipulation with emphasis on fear. The objective is maintaining control and they are willing to attempt migrating to a new (cashless) system in order to do that.

The trans-human agenda is still active. They still want control of your vessel and using advanced technology is one of the easiest ways to do it. Technology is not intrinsically good or evil, but it cannot fill a spiritual void. There are civilizations outside of our world with high technology that still lack knowledge of YHWH. They are searching, how many of the people in the world are searching rather than just accepting? People will have to carefully analyze any connections with the “legitimate” king of England, Ne@s@r@, information disclosures, the release of advanced technology, and any entities orchestrating things behind the scenes.

The people in positions of power are puppets of dark entities and there are very few exceptions. These entities believe they are doing this for their dark lord to rule over all humanity, when they are actually setting themselves up for a big fail through the Daniel 2:44-45 prophecies.

I encourage you to please be discerning. Those who trust in YHWH will see the truth of all people and things.

Dream: Extra-Ordinary Love

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there was a man who was moving from a unknown place back into his father’s ultra-wealthy estate. I could see the man’s brother and sister-in-law organize things being put on a large truck.
There was a sizable gathering at one of the mansions on the estate. The man went into this mansion and I could see the people move around in it. The man walked into a room where his father and mother were talking to others. The man’s girlfriend was there and his mother had nothing good to say about her to those she was having a conversation with. His girlfriend isn’t from a wealthy family, but what is remarkable about her is how she sees and openly speaks on the true nature of everyone in the room that she comes across with her boyfriend.
The couple left the gathering to look at other parts of the estate. The man showed his girlfriend a huge building that felt like a school. He said they took the quickest route instead of the scenic one because there wasn’t much time left in the day. This was the end of the dream.

Dream: Sweet Delights

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I was at a table talking with someone. A smiling woman came from the kitchen towards me. She was in the process of making something with grapes and decided to give some to me. One besides the other, I was handed green and purple grapes. I decide to try the purple grapes first and took time to reflect on its quality. While experiencing this dream, I smelled roses. This was the end of the dream.

He Keeps His Promises

I was led back to Isaiah 60 and verse 14 – 15 captured my attention. There is no doubt that is is prophecy and connects with Deuteronomy 28:12 – 13. We have yet to see this because the children of Israel have not been called to regather as a nation by YHWH’s command. I have noticed that those of Israel with a real one-on-one relationship with YHWH, any oppressor who tries to mistreat a divine law abiding servant of YHWH, their actions get redirected back onto the oppressor pretty quickly.

YHWH is a God of His Word and when He says He will protect you, He will do it even in captivity. Psalms 91 expresses it nicely. That is why I emphasize having a day-to-day living and walking relationship with YHWH, similar to that of an earthly parent, in high esteem and respect.YHWH will always lead a child of Israel to the Torah. It is an obligation for Israel to keep it to the best of allowable circumstances. Having the Torah and ego without a real spiritual relationship with YHWH is empty. If the Torah points back to YHWH as the Author and Source of the Torah, how can it become active within your soul and DNA without an established connection with Him? This is something worth thinking about during these last days.YHWH bless and protect His servants during these increasingly uncertain times.

Dream: School Lockdown

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I was in a class being held in in what felt like a university or an advanced level high school. During class, an administrator walked in and quietly talked to the teacher. She closed all the window blinds in the classroom and walked outside closing the door behind her. An ery silence came over the room. There was a window facing the hallway which faced another window that the city outside could be seen. Gunshots were heard and the students ducked under their desks for protection. I could see gunshot fire come from a tall building in the distance and from the street. Both were directed at the school. Suddenly, the door swung open and gunfire sprayed the room. Some students fell to the floor. I played dead in case the shooter intended for there to be no survivors. He quickly left and any students that were alive left the room when they felt they had the chance.

As students attempted to flee from the building, I could see two men in gray coveralls with two horizontal greenish-yellow stripes shoot people. A student was shot at close range. After the student fell to the ground, the same shooter ran up to the student and shot again multiple times. A huge whole opened up as the bullets hit the students body. We managed to get out of the building. A woman and I decided to take a side street in the opposite direction from the outside gunfire. Just when we were able to feel some sense of relief, we saw one of the shooter in a small field behind the school. The woman ran to the next building in order to be out of the sight of the shooter. I decided to go back into the building to warn any teacher that might be alive. While running back to the school building, the shooter was positioning to take a shot. Before he could shoot, I woke up. That was the end of the dream.

Dream: The Long Paved Road

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there was a man standing in his backyard talking to another man about the details of a project. The project was to pave this long road that stretched from East to West that could clearly be seen outside of this man’s backyard. The second man who would manage the labor of the project gave the first man three documents. A document outlining the price, a second document detailing the scope of the work to be done, and a third document detailing how the work would look at completion. The second man, who would manage the project, said to first man, who desired for the work to be done, “You know this is prophecy, right?” The first man looked at the second man in a way that communicated that it would be what it was meant to be. That was the end of this dream.

Big Bear & Friends Practice Dance

(WEB) 38:6-7 —
Gomer, and all his hordes; the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his hordes; even many peoples with you. Be prepared, yes, prepare yourself, you, and all your companies who are assembled to you, and be a guard to them.


Gog is at it again with another war game, V0st0k-2018, to include the sons of Sin ending this week. The nature of a war game being a training exercise, I wouldn’t be surprised that they would use what they learn from it for future operation strategies obviously in the East.