He Keeps His Promises

I was led back to Isaiah 60 and verse 14 – 15 captured my attention. There is no doubt that is is prophecy and connects with Deuteronomy 28:12 – 13. We have yet to see this because the children of Israel have not been called to regather as a nation by YHWH’s command. I have noticed that those of Israel with a real one-on-one relationship with YHWH, any oppressor who tries to mistreat a divine law abiding servant of YHWH, their actions get redirected back onto the oppressor pretty quickly.

YHWH is a God of His Word and when He says He will protect you, He will do it even in captivity. Psalms 91 expresses it nicely. That is why I emphasize having a day-to-day living and walking relationship with YHWH, similar to that of an earthly parent, in high esteem and respect.YHWH will always lead a child of Israel to the Torah. It is an obligation for Israel to keep it to the best of allowable circumstances. Having the Torah and ego without a real spiritual relationship with YHWH is empty. If the Torah points back to YHWH as the Author and Source of the Torah, how can it become active within your soul and DNA without an established connection with Him? This is something worth thinking about during these last days.YHWH bless and protect His servants during these increasingly uncertain times.


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