Dream: School Lockdown

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I was in a class being held in in what felt like a university or an advanced level high school. During class, an administrator walked in and quietly talked to the teacher. She closed all the window blinds in the classroom and walked outside closing the door behind her. An ery silence came over the room. There was a window facing the hallway which faced another window that the city outside could be seen. Gunshots were heard and the students ducked under their desks for protection. I could see gunshot fire come from a tall building in the distance and from the street. Both were directed at the school. Suddenly, the door swung open and gunfire sprayed the room. Some students fell to the floor. I played dead in case the shooter intended for there to be no survivors. He quickly left and any students that were alive left the room when they felt they had the chance.

As students attempted to flee from the building, I could see two men in gray coveralls with two horizontal greenish-yellow stripes shoot people. A student was shot at close range. After the student fell to the ground, the same shooter ran up to the student and shot again multiple times. A huge whole opened up as the bullets hit the students body. We managed to get out of the building. A woman and I decided to take a side street in the opposite direction from the outside gunfire. Just when we were able to feel some sense of relief, we saw one of the shooter in a small field behind the school. The woman ran to the next building in order to be out of the sight of the shooter. I decided to go back into the building to warn any teacher that might be alive. While running back to the school building, the shooter was positioning to take a shot. Before he could shoot, I woke up. That was the end of the dream.


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