Dream: Providence Walk

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I saw what was reminiscent of segregation.              There was a bunch of people walking, traveling somewhere, and they stopped at a big warehouse store to pick up food and continue on their journey. After the group of people left the warehouse together, they were walking on the right side of the street and I heard a man who was not traveling with the group say terr0rists were threatening to shoot at the people every so many hours and minutes. Another man that seemed to be traveling with the people said, “These Edomites stay trying to look like him!” In the dream, I was given a thought referencing Allen Iverson and Post Malone. The people decided to continue walking to their destination through a strip mall. They felt it would be safer to take this route rather than walk on/along the main street. While watching them walk, I would see the people “phase in” from just regular looking people to rectangular color swatches of red and brown. Usually crowds don’t feel safe to me, but this one did. I felt a sense of protection and peace that was over these people. This was the end of the dream.



One response to “Dream: Providence Walk”

  1. This sounds like an influx of the house of Israel, either that or God’s second drawing of the Jews into the nation of Israel.

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