Big Bear Nears Concrete Jungle

(WEB) Jeremiah 51:2 —
I will send to Babylon strangers, who will winnow her.
They will empty her land; for in the day of trouble they will be against her all around.


Continuing from where we last left off, I don’t know if you heard about the bear ship that was thirty miles from a base in Connecticut (please do a search for “ship patrols 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut”). Take note; even if it was in international waters, the purpose couldn’t be anything good. It’s a deliberate move that they are willing exercise again under more “favorable” conditions.

Looking at this from the big picture, when New Babylon falls off as the world power and Magog being the one to push her off or prevents her from getting back up, who else would challenge Magog with Sinai backing him? If New Babylon is out of the picture, with Sinai’s backing, North Korea could make a move on South Korea and Sinai on Japan and subject any other Sinite nations. Also the Persians could make a move on the land of Israel. With Syria and Mizraim as a part of Magog’s bands, the Japhetites residing in the tents of Shem in Israel would be forced to flee North/Northwest.

YHWH could then order the regathering of the children of Israel from all nations to bring them into the land and to flourish; this will set the stage for the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies to start. YHWH will show the children of Israel that he is their protector and he will show the world that even Magog, with all of his bands, can’t come against the divine will of mighty YHWH. We are inching towards the steps that will kick all of this off.


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