Dream: Charity Crackdown

I had a dream recently. In this dream, I was shown an elaborate underground bûnkêr with lots of technology, equipment and people working. Although I didn’t see the entire space, I knew that it was big. I was then guided up to a black CCTV camera, with a larger than normal lens, and alarm sirens could be heard very loudly.

Shortly after that, I was in a different place. I was now in a city above ground. I was on the right-hand side of a street that I knew directs from east to west of this city. People walked down the street; some were as young as six or seven, and passed out food to homeless people. I could see two children give food to two older men that were on the sidewalk of the right-hand side of this street.

One boy asked a man if he would like a dinner; the meal was in a styrofoam container which was inside a brown paper bag.   The man accepted the food; he sat up slightly and was leaning on his left-hand side. Suddenly, a badly malnourished animal jumped out of nowhere and was laying on the ground towards the street.

The animal had no fur and its body was shaped like a greyhound. The skin of this animal was black, but its face was brown and oddly unidentifiable. It was like the face of this animal had been hit by some kind of chemicals. It appeared that this animal was going after something that looked like food a couple feet in front of the man with the dinner in his hand.

The food that the animal was going after didn’t look edible at all; the meat was black as coal and lacked moisture. The meat was cut in three slices that are somewhat similar to how divided oranges would look like, the difference is that the slices of meat were cut in longer slices.

A few moments after that, I could see a few children run down the street while others sped up in walking pace. More people started to run; something was coming. I could see a huge green-colored m!l!tary truck slowly drive down the street. Other vehicles and people were behind this large green truck, but I couldn’t much because people could be seen walking and running from it.

The man who accepted the dinner from the boy quickly got up to flee and almost left behind two pieces of clothing. He quickly went back and nervously picked up a long-sleeved shirt and lightweight jacket before running down the street himself. This was the end of the dream.

I recommend that you view “Corporate Judges” which is somewhat similar to this post.


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