Stolen “Chosen” Identity?

Here’s a critical question: Can the identity of being YHWH’s chosen people ever truly be stolen?  How can something that is divine, yet intangible, ever be taken away by man? It cannot. It can be assumed, under a certain condition, but cannot be taken away, as to where it would have to be “given back”, by the co-called thieves; thinking in this way is an effect of a form of near-sightedness.

It isn’t acknowledging YHWH’s role or power to verify who is his chosen and who is not. Knowing you are of the seed of Jacob is not enough. You must rediscover the laws and commandments of YHWH and strive to keep them to the best of your ability.

It is prophecy that Japheth would reside in the tents of Shem (Genesis 9:27). It is also accessible knowledge that YHWH sets up nations to oppress the children of Israel when they fail to keep the laws and commandments. Don’t cast blame on the nations when the cause of your oppression is your own spiritual negligence! The nations were used tools of correction by YHWH; they had no choice but to do as YHWH commanded. YHWH expects more from the children of Israel. It is up to the men of Israel to find out what is expected of them, from YHWH, and rise up to the standard.

It is not the nations’ duty to tell you who or where you come from, it is yours. It is not the nations’ duty to render judgement on your behalf, it is the prerogative of YHWH. Seek YHWH, personally, in humility while alone or even in two or more. Would not YHWH grant a worthy request of justice, help, or direction? People, there is no longer a reason to make any excuses.


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