Dream: Azure Blue

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there were many men swimming underwater like schools of fish. It was like they were racing to get to some destination. As the dream progressed, fewer and fewer men could be seen. Near the middle to the end of the dream, only a handful of men were left and they helped one another. I remember seeing these men climb up a metallic-spiral slide that curved up for many stories. A liquid that could be best described as looking just like a slurpee with slightly melted consistency would rush down the slide in different colors like red and orange. The oddest thing was that the colors of the liquid never blended, it was either red, then orange, then yellow. The slushy liquid would hit the men, but each man behind the other would not allow the one before him to fall due to the force of the liquid coming down the spiral.

They all continued climbing up the metallic-spiral slide. All of a sudden, I could see the men standing on a very tall plateau. They stood there overlooking the desert. I remember seeing around four men. One of the men had on azure-colored linen. The man standing in the middle and right of the three men had on azure-colored linen and a yellow-colored turban. As I began to see a larger part of the plateau these men stood on, I could see two or three women standing off to the right and was only staring at the man with the yellow turban. I woke up shortly after with the thought that the color of blue that two of the men wore must have been azure.
The color of the linen had a glow that is lacking in royal blue, but is very close to lapis lazuli.


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