Dream: Fenceless Fishes

I had a dream. The dream took place in a location that was very edenic; peaceful and visually lush. Everything was so clean: from the air to the infrastructure, it was a very inviting environment.
There was something that was distinctly different that is not so usually seen. Nearby was a place similar to a park, except there wasn’t any concrete to be found at all and the earth was covered in one inch of water. So many people were around truly enjoying every minute of this place. Some people were walking, others were running, and there were some splashing and sliding around in the water. I could see that children were present and so were men, but the distinctly different sight was that other men, followed by the children, were vastly outnumbered by…fish! These fish of various colors, mostly commonly seen in smaller fish, could be observed as being so many times their normal size. You could compare the size of a typical cat to the size of these fish. What was starkly different about this proceeding was the sight of the men being fishermen, yet they had no nets to catch the fish. Instead, they fed the fish with bread! I could see the men toss bread to the other fishermen who would then feed the fish. These fish were so fat from all the bread begin fed by the fishermen, that they didn’t even swallow the bread already given to them; you could see the bread unswallowed inside the mouths of the fish. Although this was so, the fisherman kept distributing the bread and feeding the fish while the majority of the children were playing. A very, very small quantity of children were feeding the fish alongside the fishermen; this was the extent of the dream.


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