Out of Equilibrium

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how out of order things have become.

When you do something with bad intentions, openly or covertly, it has a “karmic” impact; it sets off a reaction in the ether which returns it back to you several times over. The perfect example is the chief daughter of Babylon. She feels that she can do absolutely anything to everyone and not receive recompense for it. She feels that she will reign over all nations, without yield, like her mother but forever. Even the queen of Babylon was brought down, and the chief daughter knows this. YHWH brought the first queen of Babylon down using the first son of Shem. The chief daughter would rather stay in her delusions; she thinks that her actions against Gog are a punishment to him, when it is actually empowering his independence, and leadership, from the reach of her tentacle-like control and influence. This plays a precursory-developmental part in the Eastern-hemispheric leadership of Gog leading up to the future prophecies of Ezekiel 38.

Before the Gog-Magog prophecies can come to past, the resurrection (Ezekiel 37) and restoration (Ezekiel 36) of Israel must happen. Also, the divine judgement of the chief daughter of Babylon must occur to provide a foundation for the Gog-Magog prophecies to start taking place. Then, YHWH will use Israel to bring back equilibrium to the world.


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