Dream: Unwelcomed Visitors

I had a dream recently. In this dream, there was a big house and a man walked inside this house, with no lights on, from a western-most direction to an eastern-direction.
As the man walked down the hall, a light could be seen from inside a doorway in the eastern-most part of the house. People could be seen running up and down the stairs which was one-third of the house. The man was walking towards the doorway that light could be seen and all the people running up and down the stairway of the section of the house. Once the man reached the inside of the doorway, he looked and exclaimed: “What are you doing inside of my house?!”.
The people stopped and looked at him: and then momentarily gathered together to come against him. This man called on YHWH and these people did not prevail over him. Seeing that they could not defeat this man and kick him out of his own house, they sent one of their strongest against him: this man was tall and had a bald-head. The owner was punching the tall man in the chest repeatedly, but it wasn’t having much of an effect. The owner then called on YHWH and somehow managed to hit the man on the top of his head, the man fell forward shortly after. Seeing this, the people sent a second of their strongest men; he was a burly man, just as tall, with hairy forearms and a short-cropped haircut.
The owner called on YHWH before he swung and punched the burly man in the right of his jaw, he fell down on his left side. The owner then kicked all of the people who were in the eastern-most side of his house, without his knowledge, completely out: this was the end of the dream.


2 responses to “Dream: Unwelcomed Visitors”

  1. This is an interesting dream. The first thing I notice is the entry door. In the plans given to Moses for the first tabernacle the entry door was always on the East so that the back would be toward the sun when entering the tabernacle. This was done so that there could be no misunderstanding as to whom was being worshiped in the house of God.

    Another note on the sun light from the east. The man looking into the house seeing the sunlight coming in from the East as he moved from the west to the east it describes the fact that most churches today have some kind of star burst, sun cornona around the cross or in the center of the cross symbol they hang at the back of the church.
    In the tabernacle that Moses was commanded to make the sacrifice was done at the east end of the church just as a man would walk into the door of the temple. So the first thing the worshipper would see is the sacrifice for sin, or the brazen altar. And like the Psalmist said, My feet had almost slide until I walked into the temple of the LORD. What did the Psalmist see? He saw the End of the wicked, other wise known as ashes from the sacrifice for sin.

    All these people running around in side the house were in the Holy place of the temple. Just like in the book of Ezekiel where God tells Ezekiel to look into the holy of holies and see an abomination of the leaders and the priest with their b back to the West and facing the sun.

    That is all I have for now.

    Keep on with the dreams this is very interesting. I had one called “the word is corrupted” and the thorn in my foot dream.

  2. This is the interpretation of the dream. The western-most direction is the house of Israel, a.k.a. the United States of America. The eastern-most part of the house was the house of Judah, a.k.a. Israel. The house is the whole house of Israel, that is to say, the house of Israel and the house of Judah rejoined. The man is the coming king of Israel, who currently lives in America. That the man calls three times on the Lord signifies that the dream is of YHWH, and that this man also calls upon the name of the Lord.

    Three times the people of Israel will rise up against him. The first time is the house of Judah themselves, meaning that they will reject their king and rise up against him, but to no avail. The second time the coming king will fight against this man sent of the people on his own but will not do much damage until he calls upon the name of the LORD, then the LORD will deliver the man into his hands. That this man was bald means that he does not think on the LORD.

    The third time, as seen by the third man, is another man chosen by the people of the house of Judah to rise up against their coming king. This man thought on the LORD, but only a little. That the man was hit on the right side of his jaw and fell to his left shows that the coming king of Israel will rebuke his for his false piety and come against him, and his portion shall be appointed among the heathen.

    After this, the king of Israel will remove those strangers that dwell in his house which were invited without his approval, a.k.a. the Palestinians.

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