Dream: Underdog Overcomes

A recent dream:

I was in class one day, one of many days I felt. For some reason the teacher had something to tell me before I went back to my seat. She confessed that yesterday some of the students were making fun of me and she wanted to apologize because she partook of it as an act of impulsive convenience and proximity. The teacher started crying and a few other students that were seated were crying as well.

I went back to my seat and looked down for a moment before getting up and leaving the classroom. I walked to the school bus and sat down; I soon remembered that I drove to school and quickly left the bus. Briefly walking to my father’s truck that he let me borrow for the day, I opened up the door and saw there were groceries inside. Feeling the urgency of wanting to get home to put the groceries away I jumped in, closed the door, and placed the key in the ignition.

I turned the key while in the ignition, but it wouldn’t start. The truck wasn’t receiving any power; I could see that the instrument cluster and dashboard were dark, neither lit up before or after turning the key.
I decided to push the truck like how some people manage to get manual transmissions with dead batteries to start. I left the truck cab to push the vehicle and it was soon in motion. Somehow, the vehicle left the road and went onto an unpaved, bumpy dirt road. The trucks momentum was stopped by a crescent-shaped mound. The mound was dry dirt on the facing side and grassy on the opposite side which was also a cliff.

I happen to remember that there was a battery charger in the vehicle that I could use for a boost and be on my way. I left the truck cab once again to open the hood in order to connect the portable battery charger. While preparing to charge the battery, a guy in a white car kept calling me. I decided after opening the hood that I should see what he wanted since he acted like he had a bigger and more important issue at hand.

I walked to his car, towards the back and to the left, which was about 10 steps from the front of my father’s truck. The guy in the white compact car asked if I had change to break a large dollar bill. I quickly stated no and started walking back to front of my father’s green truck. Out of nowhere a train came and pinned it to the crescent-shaped mound opposite the cliff.

I was shocked that the train operator would attempt to go by a truck so close to the path it traveled; there were no visible tracks for this train. I got on the train in order to see what happened to the truck. The guy that asked for change to break a large dollar bill was at the very front of the train and he ordered the train operator to move forward. I could see my father’s green truck slide and fall onto the passenger side after the train passed.

The roof the truck was badly scratched; I could see that the ‘1886’ that was on the roof had individual vertical scratches for each number. The same guy who was in the white compact car started walking back to the operator’s part of the train when I pointed at him with both fingers and said, “YHWH CURSE YOU!!!”. He exclaimed, “WHAT?!” and rushed towards me. I turned to my right to get ready to leave the train.

I looked towards my left and saw him coming, I then picked up a metal cart with my right hand and hit him across the head and face with it once. I could see the cart bend and roll back slightly, like it was made of aluminum, as it struck him. He fell back towards the left side of the train which had a lot of cardboard boxes, some were used, some were empty, and others folded flat against the wall. This guy tried to hit me with one of the boxes. I picked up a box that was 3 to 4 times wider than his and started hitting him with it.

This guy was 1/3rd taller than me and the force of the box hitting him knocked him back against the cloth-covered wall where empty, flat boxes leaned against. There was a window to his right, my left, with the wall to his left. I smacked the guy with the box from right to left about 5 times before 2 or 3 employees came from the rear of the train to break up the fight. The employees didn’t pull me off of him, they immediately went to tend to the other guy and that is when I immediately stopped plummeting him with the wide box.


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