For YHWH’s Glory

(WEB) Psalms 19:1 – 1 The heavens declare the glory of God.
The expanse shows his handiwork.

Looking out into the world you may not be able to see exactly what is honorable about YHWH.
No matter how bad things have gotten and will get out of balance, YHWH ensures that the sun rises and sets everyday. He also ensures that earth exists and despite its current state of physical and spiritual pollution, even it can be made clean and perfectly balanced again; that is but one thing that is honorable about YHWH and by design will bring him glory.

I look into the world and I see that Israel is still scattered and suffering in captivity.
How is that glorious to YHWH you might ask? No matter how it might feel, for better or worse, the suffering or prosperity of Israel will bring glory to YHWH – it shows that he is the director in control of all, both “positive” or “negative”, and things will never get better until those chosen of Israel decide to make good on the promise made by the ancestors. That promise was to serve him exclusively by keeping his laws and observed holy days, YHWH would then allow Israel to experience the positive side of the promise he agreed to with the ancestors and their perpetual descendants. YHWH always kept his part of the bargain, it was that Israel wasn’t spirituality developed and mature enough to accept the responsibility of carrying their side of the agreement – after becoming so, then they will see as a nation bigger manifestations of how honorable a God YHWH is.

From my own experience, I have witnessed countless times of YHWH saving me from situations in my dreams before saving me from physical situations in this reality. Either were enough for me because I intuitively knew earlier, that by name, YHWH has dominion over my life and that I would stand in observance of that fact.

I recently had another dream of a mob following me and their leader singling me out.
I was on the ground, he, the leader and the mob surrounded me. He stated if I wanted to be his rival.
I calmly said did he know YHWH, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. In seconds he looked at me, stood up, turned around, and walked away; the mob quickly followed. Dreams like these give me hope when I am not able to foresee much else to be hopeful in.

For the learned of Israel, you know who you are, no matter how bad it is or seems, continue to place your hope in YHWH and he will bring you out of it. Let this dream and message be a reinforcing seed of hope for you as it has been for me.


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