Reaping What Is Sown

(WEB)Hosea 8:7 – 7 For they sow the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind.

He has no standing grain. The stalk will yield no head…..


Contextually, this verse was originally about Israel and her spiritual whoredom but it is very fitting to how many commercial and industrial agricultural entities handle their land.

How many still practice this archaic form of tilling the land?

Exodus 23:10-11 – 10  For six years you shall sow your land, and shall gather in its increase, 11 but the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave the animal of the field shall eat. In the same way, you shall deal with your vineyard and with your olive grove.

This was a part of directions from YHWH specifically to Israel in tilling and sowing the land. These directions are not without practicality. The further away we get from understanding spiritual and natural order, the more our quality of life and environment degrades. The whole principle behind tilling the land for six years and resting the seventh is to allow revitalization to occur.

Original man came from the ground and just like he must rest, the soil must rest too.

Continual work for man and the soil reduces healthy yields for both.

What has long been forgotten in the West is that quantity does not foreshadow and/or compensate for quality. The West has so much sustenance but the general quality of it is so poor that although it fills many people’s bellies, it lacks much nutritive value which places the body in a “starving” state for the vitamins and minerals that it needs to repair all the vital organs and systems. Not to mention agricultural biotechnology corporations tampering with the genetic integrity of crops, in order to make them more pest and disease-resistant, that further diminishes nutritional value as well.

How can one expect earth to continue to provide sustenance when she is not respected as a living entity by being continually exploited for monetary gain? I think it is expected for earth to produce less and less yields for the majority of people that do not respect her role in nourishing us because what is largely being sown is perverted seed, which can only produce pervertedly “hollow” fruit before, in time, it will show its true form of absolute nothingness.


One response to “Reaping What Is Sown”

  1. This is good material on sabatical rest for land. Exactly correct on the land rest. As a nation we are breaking laws that are going to come back and haunt. I am of the opinion that this is the Jubillee year and last year was the 49th (7th 7 th Sabbath year). I can’t read this on you site. I have to cut and paste into a plain background so I can read it.

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